Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Diabetes Care Project?

    The Diabetes Care Project (DCP) is a coalition of patient advocates and health partners whose goal is to educate patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and policymakers on the value of developing personalized management plans for diabetes patients in an effort to improve each patient’s health outcomes and lower costs for the entire health system.

    Who are the members of the DCP?
    Roche Diagnostics and the National Minority Quality Forum are the founding partners of the coalition. The DCP is currently working to expand the coalition and include additional partners with a shared interest in the DCP mission.

    What are the objectives of the DCP?

    • Close the gap between inadequate coverage and accepted standards of diabetes care and management
    • Identify diabetes patient population at high-risk for disease complications and intervene with diabetes management programs 
    • Demonstrate the value of appropriate diabetes management in achieving positive health outcomes and lowering overall health care costs

    What is the DCP currently working on?

    The DCP is analyzing Medicare data to better understand the consumption patterns of beneficiaries living with diabetes. Research findings were showcased in a series of analyses unveiled throughout 2010. The DCP is proud to be a founding member of the Rio Grande Valley Diabetes Initiative and support the Rio Grande Valley community’s commitment to proactive and personalized diabetes care.  The Rio Grande Valley Diabetes Initiative, which launched in fall 2011, is the first in a planned series of community-based programs designed to transform the state of diabetes care nationally.

    What will the research show?
    Preliminary findings suggest that individuals with diabetes who consume the least of their Medicare benefits and services (referred to as “low consumers”) and potentially under manage their disease may experience a “crisis” health event including renal disease, heart disease and/or diabetic neuropathy leading to more costly care including emergency room visits and hospitalization. The DCP is examining the impact and cost of these “crisis” health events to the individual and on the Medicare system as a whole.

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    Did You Know?

    With type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. The majority of individuals with diabetes have type 2.1