National Action

    National Action

    The Diabetes Care Project is taking our work down to the community level, and our first stop is McAllen, TX.

    In our quest to improve health outcomes and decrease costs across the nation, the Diabetes Care Project is proud to be a founding member of the South Texas Diabetes Initiative and support the South Texas community’s commitment to proactive and personalized diabetes care. The South Texas Diabetes Initiative is the first in a planned series of community-based programs designed to transform the state of diabetes care nationally.

    Interested in finding out more data for South Texas? Visit the U.S. Diabetes Index South Texas Edition. For local diabetes facts, tips, an organizational directory and how to get involved, visit the South Texas Diabetes Initiative section of our site.


    Did You Know?

    1 out of 3 Medicare dollars is spent on diabetes, with a high percentage attributed to tertiary illness caused by unmanaged or undermanaged diabetes.5